What We Do

Empowering Women

AAUW has been empowering women as individuals and as a community since 1881. For more than 130 years, we have worked together as a national grassroots organization to improve the lives of millions of women and their families.  AAUW National offers multiple fellowships and grants https://www.aauw.org/what-we-do/educational-funding-and-awards/  Sarasota branch offers a number of programs to benefit girls and women.

Sarasota AAUW has been actively involved in the local community since its inception.  We support educational initiatives related to the AAUW mission.  Branch members are currently working on several projects:


Closing the Pay Gap with AAUW

At the current rate, the gender pay gap will not close until 2106. In 2018, AAUW announced our bold pledge to train 10 million women in salary negotiation by 2022. We will not wait for policies and employer culture alone to determine when we reach parity. We are working to empower women nation-wide with skills to effectively negotiate their salary and benefits and become agents of change in their communities.

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You deserve a raise. This free online course will give you the tools you need to successfully negotiate and close the pay gap for women everywhere. Register today! https://salary.aauw.org/


Academic Olympics
AAUW Sarasota and Venice banches founded the Academic Olympics competition over 35 years ago and have actively supported this opportunity for high school students to display their knowledge.  AAUW volunteers have served as judges, moderators, scorekeepers, timekeepers, and distribution assistants in matches throughout Sarasota County in conjunction with the Sarasota County School Board and the Education Foundation of Sarasota County.

Using funds provided by members, the Branch provides scholarships for local women who are adult learners to assist them in completing their educations.

Classroom Grants
Using our endowment funds, the Branch supports teachers in the Sarasota County Schools who are finding innovative ways to prepare our students for the future.

Initiated a program for an elementary school classroom to help students link writing and reading.

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
In an era when women are increasingly prominent in medicine, law, and business, why are there so few women scientists and engineers? A 2010 research report by AAUW presents compelling evidence that can help to explain this puzzle. Eight key research findings point to environmental and social barriers — including stereotypes, gender bias, and the climate of science and engineering departments in colleges and universities — that continue to block women’s progress in STEM.

The Branch works in partnership with community groups to encourage girls to prepare for careers in science, technology, engineering and math.   The Branch supports the AAUW Tech Trek program – a summer camp experience where girls find their passion for high-tech careers through hands-on  problems solving.  Branch support includes recruiting local girls to participate and financial contributions.

Tech Trek
AAUW Tech Trek program features a week-long camp designed to create interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) for girls entering the eight grade.   In Tech Trek 2018 our branch sponsored 8 local middle school girls to attend.  Girls chose from 12 hands-on science, technology, engineering or math activities such as robotics, DNA, apps, electric circuitry, architecture or astronomy as well as personal savvy skills workshops in the afternoon.   It has been proven that, given the opportunity in middle school, many girls go on to careers in STEM professions.  For more information about Tech Trek click https://techtrek-fl.aauw.net/.  For application information https://techtrek-fl.aauw.net/forms/.

Qualifications for nominations are:
1.  7th grade (they will be rising 8th graders when they attend the summer camp).
2.  Female
3.  Attend public, charter or private schools.
4.  Strong in math or science
5.  Keen interest in math, science, and/or technology.

Join us and be a part of growing young women.

If you know of and would like a girl to be part of this program, contact her school.   Application information is sent directly to the schools, and teachers are asked to submit names for potential applicants.   The applications are sent out in early October, and the deadline for submitting a name for consideration is December 1.   In 2019 there will be an opportunity for 96 girls – twice the Tech Trek applicants than in the past.

NCCWSL (National Conference for College Women Student Leaders) https://www.nccwsl.org/
This life changing conference includes a series of leadership sessions and keynote speakers. In an evening ceremony, awards are presented to women of distinction and participants are able to talk with these outstanding women. Also, there are opportunities to visit Washington, DC and talk with women who work on Capitol Hill.

Our Branch recruits and and funds women students from the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee and New College to attend the AAUW National Conference for College Women Student Leaders.

Women’s Equity Day
Participate in the Women’s Equity Day Luncheon which celebrates the passage of the 19th Amendment.