Write, Read, Write

A program for designed for a classroom to help students link writing and reading.

For the 2019-2020 school year we’ve joined hands with Toledo Blade 4th graders.   Their teacher, Jodi Austin, has her students write a letter telling us what they are interested in reading.  The letters are distributed among our members.   After reading the letters, our members purchase a book for one of the students (this year we anticipate about 22 students taking part in our read-write-read).   The books are delivered to Ms. Austin’s class at Toledo Blade.   After each student finishes reading the book choosen for them, based on what they wanted to read about, they write a letter back to the member that purchased the book for them telling them their experience with reading the book.

Pictured are Judy Cottone, our AAUW Write, Read, Write coordinator and the Toledo Glades 4th grade teacher, Jodi Austin, on the day Judy hand delivered 22 personal notes written by our members to 4th grade students at Toledo Blade elementary school.  The students were very excited about the Write Read Write program and especially excited about receiving personal notes. They immediately opened their note and I heard a chorus of delightful shouts of “Mine says …” and “She wrote this to me …”

What a joyful noise.

Jodi and I are standing in front of the Reading Board.  Each student is required to read 7 books during this school year, so our program fits beautifully with the curriculum.   I can’t wait to return to this wonderful class in February with their books.