The AAUW Sarasota Branch supported research on Aging, Women and Economic Insecurity In Sarasota County, Florida by Dr. Mary Gatta and Jessica Horning, MSSW.  AGING WOMEN AND ECONOMIC INSECURITY IN SARASOTA COUNTY FLORIDA   Funding for this research was provided by the Margaret L. Bates Fund of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County and members of AAUW Sarasota.

The executive summary of the report states “In the county, women reported a median retirement income of $13,792; men had $24,289 – a gap of 57 percent.” AAUW Sarasota recommends policies targeted to seniors to address these gaps including deferral of property taxes, low-cost transportation, affordable housing, and supportive programs at senior centers. In addition, policies that support working women will prevent workers from aging into poverty. These policies should include paid family and medical leave, paid sick leave, subsidized childcare, non-traditional career training and financial literacy training.

An extension of this research resulted in a brief Gender and Race Intersections Matter: Older Women’s Economic Insecurity in Sarasota County, Florida.  Gender and Race Intersections Matter – Older Women’s Economic Insecurity in Sarasota County, Florida.   This supplemental analysis finds that “While older women in the county face economic insecurity, systemic sexism often intersects with systemic racism creating inequities among women in the county.”

This research has been a cornerstone for AAUW to advance gender equity for women and girls. See related research at AAUW Florida Women’s Economic Security
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